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Water Cups
Premium 7oz PS Water Cup

Attractive water cup. Fully rim rolled. Print available. Fits all dispensers

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White Single Use 4oz Paper Cone

Attractive white paper cone allowing one single use and quick disposal after water consumption. Economical and environmentally friendly. Fully rim rolled. Print available. Fits all dispensers.

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Cup Dispensers
Fliptop Cup Dispensers

Stylish, versatile and available in black, grey & white all with fliptop lid. Comes with brackets and screws with strong reinforced plastic prongs for single cup dispense. Clear tube for easy refill.

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Bottle Racks
4 Stack Bottle Racks

Plastic coated wire racks keeping bottles safe from harm. Easy to assemble improving the overall look at the water cooler. Great for full and empty bottle management.

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Water Bottle Covers
19 Litre Water Bottle Cover

Available in blue this plastic hood covers up any bottle on top of a water cooler so that sunlight cannot affect the water inside.

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Plumbing & Filter Kits

We supply 2 different Plumbing & Filter Kits, the PFKIT (DIY KIT) and the PFRAILKIT.

The main difference between the two kits is the way they are connected to the mains. The PFKIT is the DIY version, using a self-cutting valve to cut into the mains, and the PFRAILKIT is a more professional kit using compression fittings. Both kits use WRAS approved components to avoid contamination of the mains water supply. In addition to the connecting part, both kits include a non-return valve, a water block, a pressure reducing valve and filter, plus all the necessary John Guest speed fit pipes and fittings.

The filter included with either kit is the only truly “Green Filter” on the market. When replacing the filter you only discard the bio degradable Carbon Block Candle and retain the Plastic Filter Housing. Replacement filters or FILTCAR can be purchased separately and we recommend replacing them every 6 months. 

Once you have purchased your plumbing kit we will send you an installation video to help you install your kit safely. Plumbing kits for a water cooler should only be connected to mains potable water, so if you are in any doubt about how to connect this then please give us a call on 01442 507020.

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