Environmental Policy Statement 2019

Aquachill Water Coolers are conscious that through our own activities and operations, there could be the potential to cause environmental harm and as a business we are committed to protecting and, where possible, enhancing the environment through our Management Systems.

Aquachill Water Coolers will ensure that through the continual improvement and monitoring of its environmental systems, we are committed to the prevention of pollution to land, air and water through the stringent management of our operations, working with our clients to improve the environmental quality of the locations in which we work, and ensure that we make efficient use of natural resources wherever possible. To achieve this Aquachill Water Coolers will aim to:

  • Reduce waste and to manage any waste correctly, in adherence with current legislation and to adhere to the “reduce, reuse and recycle” ethos across all sites and offices.
  • Select and utilise vehicles, plant, equipment and materials in consideration with environmental requirements.
  • Have the necessary emergency arrangements in place in the possible event of an environmental emergency.
  • Consider environmental aspects at all stages of works.
  • Comply with all applicable legislation as required.

Aquachill Water Coolers have set environmental objectives and targets in line with this policy. These objectives and targets are communicated to all staff and are monitored to ensure the continual improvement of the systems.

This policy is communicated to all Aquachill Water Coolers employees along with environmental training to encourage a positive culture of compliance.